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Our joint statement

Expanding government spending and tax increase all over the world.
These trends are being accelerated by the global economic crisis.
In America, in Europe, in Japan…

Politicians say, “It is necessary for our people”.

Is that true?

We do believe there is another way.

Tea Party movement began in the United States to seek fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. Then the movement spread globally. Tea Parties began in other countries began to fight for similar goals of smaller government. It is a common human desire to be free from oppressive government.

On April 14th-17th, Tea Parties take action toward common goals of smaller government and individual liberty.

Worldwide Tea Party-new tides will begin there. For the first time in history, people who believe in the power of individual liberty, smaller government, and free markets will stand up together to fight for these ideas. We recognize we come from different countries and the sovereignty of these nations, but we support all of our rights to fight for what is right.

Our action outlines

The outlines of WTP2012 are as follows;

  • Tea Parties around the world hold the event toward smaller government between April 14th - April 17th
  • The details of each event depend on the decisions of each Tea Party as long as that is peaceful measures
  • Tokyo Tea Party provide the website and logos to appeal to a Worldwide Tea Party in 2012. Tea party groups across the world are invited to participate here and we are already communicating with tea parties all over the world.
  • Each Tea Party is invited to list their events and their logos on this website. Then we also invite all tea party groups to upload the videos and photos of the event (including preparation process) to Youtube and then send the URL of Youtube to the Tokyo Tea Party. After that, we upload them to the website of WTP2012.
  • The use of website and logos depend on the decisions of each Tea Party
  • You all appeal this event for media and citizens!

Contact us: Worldwide Tea Party 2012 Executive Committee (including uploads on the website)info@wtp2012.com